Sweet Potato hummus


4 or 5 medium sweet potatoes

3 cloves garlic – large, grated

Juice of medium sized lemon

Zest of 1 unwaxed lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Tahini - 2 large tbsp.

Olive oil – to taste

Cumin seeds

Toasted pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, toasted sesame seeds, pomegranate etc to decorate

  1. Peel the potatoes then cut into wedges. The peelings can be saved and roasted to make crispy snacks!

  2. On a baking sheet spread the potatoes out and cover with olive oil, salt, pepper and cumin seeds. Toss, then roast until tender – 35 to 45 mins.

  3. Pop onto a board and leave to cool a little. In a blender, whizz up the tahini and lemon juice then add the potato, garlic, lemon zest, cumin seeds and 2 tbsp olive oil. Blend until smooth. Add in the seasoning to taste and as much olive oil or extra lemon juice as desired.

  4. Spread onto a platter or into a bowl. Top with whatever you fancy – we like to use poppy seeds as the colour contrast is great, a little turmeric and some zaatar, and maybe an extra glug of oil. Use chicory, carrots, peppers, radishes or whatever you fancy to dip.