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How Nell works

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What our customers say

There’s no one day that goes by where I’m not thinking whether I’m respecting my genetics needs or not in terms of food, it’s really powerful! I’ve cut out meat, am eating more fish, am picking low salt soy sauce. I want to improve my cholesterol and nutrient levels.

Having the data and having the opportunity to monitor over time is really valuable. You can’t improve something if you don’t know your starting point. Having your head in the sand is not a strategy for success.
Dario Boscaratto

Software Engineer

What will I find out?

These are the health insights included in our Body Origin report:
Processing Fat (Omega 3)

Discover if you have a genetic predisposition for impaired ability to absorb and metabolise omega-3 fatty acids.

Gene, RS number

FADS1 rs174547
Processing Fat (Triglyceride Levels)

Discover if you are likely to have high triglyceride levels

Gene, RS number

NOS rs1799983
Processing Fat (Saturated Fat)

Discover if you metabolise saturated fats less efficiently and have a higher predisposition towards weight gain.

Gene, RS number

PPARG rs1801282 APOOC3 rs429358 APOC3 rs5128 APOA2 rs5082
Folate Deficiency

Discover if your genes indicate an increased risk of folate deficiency

Gene, RS number

MTHFR rs1801133
Vitamin D Deficiency

Discover if you have an impaired ability to transport and store vitamin D throughout the body, increasing the risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Gene, RS number

CYP2R1 rs10741657 GC RS2282679
Selenium Deficiency

Discover if your body may be less effective at utilising selenium and is more likely to develop selenium deficiency.

Gene, RS number

SEPP1 rs7579
Lactose Intolerance

Discover if you have reduced ability to break down lactose properly, and are more likely to experience gastrointestinal symptoms after consuming milk and dairy products.

Gene, RS number

MCM6 rs4988235
Gluten Intolerance

Discover if you have an increased risk of being gluten intolerant and experiencing adverse symptoms while eating foods that contains gluten.

Gene, RS number

HLA rs4639334 HLA rs4713586 HLA rs7454108 HLA rs7775228
Caffeine Sensitivity

Discover your body's ability to metabolise and break down caffeine

Gene, RS number

CYP1A2 rs2472300
Sodium Sensitivity

Discover if you have an increased sensitivity to sodium, which can impact your blood pressure

Gene, RS number

ACE rs4343 SLC4A5 rs6731545
Alcohol Metabolism

Discover your body's ability to metabolise alcohol.

Gene, RS number

ALDH2 rs671
Eating Habits

Discover if you have a variant of the FTO gene, which identifies whether you are more or less likely to have a greater appetite

Gene, RS number

FTO rs9939609
Taste Receptors (Fat)

Discover whether you have a reduced ability to detect the taste of fats in food.

Gene, RS number

CD36 rs1761667
Taste Receptors (Bitterness)

Discover whether you are likely to have an increased sensitivity to taste bitter compounds such as those found in brassica vegetables.

Gene, RS number

TAS2R38 rs10246939 rs1726866 rs713598
Taste Receptors (Salt)

Discover if you are likely to have reduced ability to taste salt in your food, which may lead to higher dietary salt intake

Gene, RS number

SCNN1B rs239345 TRPV1 rs8065080
Glucose Management

Discover your individual risk of having glucose management issues

Gene, RS number

TCF7L2 rs7903146
Natural Defences (Antioxidants)

Discover whether your body is likely to be less effective at detoxification process

Gene, RS number

GPX1 rs1050450 GSTP1 rs1695 NQO1 rs1800566 SOD2 rs4880
Exercise Type

Discover if you have a predisposition toward performance in endurance sports or power sports.

Gene, RS number

ACE rs1799752
Muscle Performance

Discover if your ACTN3 gene shows your likelihood of having good muscle strength and susceptible to muscle damage

Gene, RS number

ACTN3 rs1815739
Aerobic capacity

Discover if you are likely to have a higher aerobic capacity and VO2 max. Individuals with this genetic predisposition are likely to be high performing in endurance sports.

Gene, RS number

ADRB2 rs1042713
More health areas coming soon

Our scientists are currently working on some extra research, and we'll be able to provide our users with other bits of information in future reports.

If you have any questions about Nell's tests and how they work, please get in contact.