Senior React Developer

July 2020

We're looking for a senior frontend developer to join Nell and lead the development of our React based frontend.

Together with our CTO Samuel Colvin you'll work on bring genetic, biomarker and lifestyle data together to tell people how their bodies are performing, and let them improve that performance.

To fit the role

  • you need to be an accomplished JavaScript developer and know the landscape of modern web development inside out
  • you need to have evidence that you've shipped and maintained React applications in production
  • you need to be good at people - both working with them and understanding how they interact with technology
  • you need to care about the quality of the code you write - unit tests matter more than the next feature, linting matters as much as pretty transitions
  • it would be great if you have a strong history of open source contributions on popular projects

What you'll do

  • design and build the kind of web experience you would love to use, the work work you'll be doing will be completely "greenfield", no legacy PHP to hack - just React and es6+ or TypeScript at the front and modern Python at the back, linked by the kind of restful API your mum would be proud of
  • "own" the frontend:
    • you design it
    • you build it
    • you write tests for it
    • you deploy it
    • you work out how to fix it when it breaks
  • help design a high performance team as well as a high performance application

The Details

  • competitive pay, based on experience
  • generous share options
  • work from anywhere, we're currently all remote in the UK, we might return to an office one day, but you wouldn't have to join us there
  • work (almost) any time - as long as you can join meetings (always weekdays between 9 and 5 UK time) and get the work done, we don't care when you do it
  • you might need to travel to London periodically for meetings

Nell is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We are committed to creating an inclusive working environment and celebrate diversity within the team. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at

About Nell Health

Nell Health is a health benefits platform for employers, backed by leading genetic and nutrition science.

We are the first solution to combine real health data with personalised diet, exercise and lifestyle advice to give everyone the opportunity to maximise their health. We create all the health tests we offer in-house with our genetic and medical teams, then translate the results with our expert coaches to give a truly personalised experience previously only available at expensive specialist clinics.

We offer goal focused coaching as part of each programme to ensure people can use the platform to track goals such as immunity, weight loss and cardiovascular health. We work with the most innovative companies and teams in the world who understand that a healthy, happy team is the foundation of a successful business.

We are building an inclusive, diverse, passionate and fast-thinking team so if you want to be a part of changing the way people manage their health in the future, please get in touch!