Test Over 20 Genes To Unlock Nutrition & Exercise Recommendations

Take our simple test and discover over 20 genetic predispositions

Learn more about what works and doesn’t work for your body

Find out if you have a risk of gluten or lactose intolerance

Learn which foods can help reduce the risk of developing vitamin deficiencies

Receive expert guidance on how to change your diet

Your report will include:

Discovering your genetic profile is easy:

  • We send you a test kit
  • Follow our simple instructions to provide a sample in less than 5 minutes
  • Return to us and we will do the rest

Nell is much more than just a report, we give you:

  • Scientifically validated genetic report
  • Personalised food and drink insights
  • Expert access and virtual coaching
  • Virtual nutritionist or dietitian consultation
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What you will learn

Nell Health app dashboard

What foods your body wants you to avoid


What foods you should eat more of to reduce risks of deficiencies and health risks


Which exercise type suits your body

How Nell works

Getting your results is quick and easy, just follow the steps below

We send you an easy-to-use DNA test.


You collect your DNA and send it back to us.


Within 4-5 weeks, we analyse your sample and send you a link to your report and personalised food and drinks advice.


You gain access to a personalised dashboard and consultations to get the most out of your test.

What customers say

There’s no one day that goes by where I’m not thinking whether I’m respecting my genetics needs or not in terms of food, it’s really powerful! I’ve cut out meat, am eating more fish, am picking low salt soy sauce. I want to improve my cholesterol and nutrient levels.

Having the data and having the opportunity to monitor over time is really valuable. You can’t improve something if you don’t know your starting point. Having your head in the sand is not a strategy for success.
Dario Boscaratto

Software Engineer

If you have any questions about Nell's tests and how they work, please get in contact.

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