'Nell' stands for Natural Elements.

We are on a mission to make preventative healthcare more accessible by translating cutting edge science into actionable outcomes.

No Body Is Ordinary

Humans are not machines. Each body is unique, we want to help every individual optimise and protect theirs.

Making science accessible

Translating leading science into actionable insights that improve the lives of our customers

People and planet

We care about our customers, our colleagues and our planet. We will always do our best by them.

Nell was founded in 2017 by a team who were passionate about combing science with technology to create a platform that would make actionable health data accessible to all.

Our science team create Nell tests to provide the more personalised nutriton, exercise and lifestyle advice based on an individual’s body data. If we start to understand the science behind what we were born with, how our current lifestyle is affecting our health and how to achieve our own health goals, we can make better, educated choices towards a healthier, happier life.